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Isrg Consortium is an Isrg Rajan Initiative to build up a smarter tomorrow while enhancing the mankind with technology and kindness...

  • Isrg in Education
    Isrg Consortium improving the online database to support the education system
  • Isrg KB
    Isrg KB, India’s fastest growing knowledge base, blogging, educational, lifestyle, tours and travels web portal that has content viewership from more than 190 countries, contributors from all over India.
  • Soul Shapers
    Isrg Consortium healing the lives of the people online by making them smile
  • Isrgsys Consultancy
    Isrg Consortium offering Business Support Services and Solutions with Isrgsys Consultancy
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Isrg Consortium

Enhancing mankind

Isrgsys Consultancy


Soul Shapers
Soul Shapers


IFDM LifeStyle
IFDM LifeStyle

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Isrg KB
Isrg KB™


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